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Deklaracja polityki ERASMUSA na lata 2014-2020
Erasmus Policy Statement

The International Office is responsible for Katowice School of Technology's cooperation with other schools and universities. The most important activities of the International Office include: mobility of students and staff and preparing our school for foreign students and staff.

When looking for foreign partners, Katowice School of Technology pays a lot of attention to the similarity of the educational offer of the prospective partner. The quality of education, as well as school's facilities are also taken into consideration. The offer of the after classes activities (e.g. the possibility of studying foreign languages) is also crucial. Once all these criteria are met, Erasmus coordinators get in touch with the chosen university and present our offer. If both parties are interested in further cooperation, the bilateral agreement is signed. The final decision about establishing a partnership is made by the Rector of Katowice School of Technology. Katowice School of Technology provides education in technical faculties e.g. Architecture and Town Planning, Civil Construction. Therefore, it is crucial to look for partners in areas which have to tackle similar problems e.g. revitalization of the post-industrial areas and construction in mining areas. When looking for partners among non-EU universities, if there are two universities which have similar faculties and they have met all our criteria, Katowice School of Technology will probably choose the one which is located nearer Katowice as it enables to cut costs and makes travelling faster. The mobility target groups of Katowice School of Technology are students and staff (both teachers and administrative staff).

The opportunity to take part in the Erasmus programme will make our school's offer more attractive. Thanks to participation in the programme, the students have the possibility to study abroad in different schools and universities. The students and teachers participating in the programme will improve their knowledge of foreign languages and their general knowledge. Moreover, they have the possibility to get to know different methods of teaching, which is very valuable as some of the good practices can be later implemented in our school. It is particularly necessary for technical faculties, which our school specializes in, because the new technologies have a huge impact on the development of science. Students who have studied abroad are more competitive in the job market which increases the prestige of our school. The experience, that students and teachers gain, will affect the development of the Science and Technology Park which is being created as part of our school. The idea of the park is that students and Polish and foreign companies will cooperate in the realization of different business ideas. Thanks to the participation in the programme our school will get experience in obtaining and accounting for EU funds.

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